Glint Pay on Crowdcube


Speaking of Venezuela :venezuela:, they have a blog inspired by it


Hmmm…sounds like a expensive way to access your money to me.

( edit ) I signed up earlier and I’m in the queue now, should be interesting to see what it’s actually like.


One thing we might be missing from our considerations as well is the capital gains liability on profits on bullion. Might get very complex with all those transactions! Not sure I’d want to have to self-report.

This is what I could find on Glint re CGT.

BTW if you were to buy a gold ETF on Freetrade, you’ll be able to do that in an ISA :wink:


They have to cover their costs and make a return somehow. I like the fact that I own my gold (even for the cool point) over an ETF.

(Vladislav Kozub) #25

If I wanted to own gold as a hedging security, I could

for free, CGT free and also sell it for free. If I need it to be “liquid”, I simply crystallise it and withdraw the funds from my Freetrade account to Monzo for free and within seconds spend the money for free, storing them with Monzo for free.

I yet cannot see it being different to an attempt to create a fancy-sounding business idea as it simply does not solve any problems and yet they charge.

(Alex Sherwood) #26

I’ve just signed up to check out the app, only 64 people ahead of me in the waiting list :grimacing:

(Vladislav Kozub) #27

And £45m valuation.

And I thought BABB is overvaluaed :roll_eyes:


If anyone else intends to sign up, do me a favour and use my referral link:


Agree they cannot do this for free but feels like a step backwards from a bank in terms of spending money. Maybe a step forward in terms of purchasing actual Gold, I’m open minded about it so look forward to trying the app.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but via an ETF you don’t legally own the underlying gold.

On everything else you said, I respect that you don’t buy into Glint’s narrative… not everyone will.


I view it similarly… I see Glint as a good hybrid that I’d like to have in my personal finiancial armoury.

(Vladislav Kozub) #32

So what is the actual difference for me as a consumer that makes? I will still gain the benefit of gold appreciating if I own it via an ETF, at least it is for free.

Seems like I am a bit savage and unaware but I honestly do not understand how you benefit from them. Simply one reason.

(Chris) #33


We’ve established it makes no difference to you but if you take yourself out of your own bubble, you may be able to appreciate a difference it can make for others. Similar kind of concept to what @CTE pointed out between private crypto wallets versus crypto ETFs… naturally there are pros & cons of both which leave room for preferences.

I believe I’ve given a few. However, I’m not spokesman for Glint, just a user, so I’ll leave it to you to DYOR or even ask them questions on Crowdcube to find the elusive reasons as to why thousands have already signed up to Glint buddy.

(Vladislav Kozub) #35

Fair enough, I very much appreciate your continuous responses. After all, no one would throw £750k just as a gamble so there should be some value.

But I would rather observe than be part of it :slightly_smiling_face:

(Alex Sherwood) #36

I received an update from Crowdcube yesterday to say that Glints team had posted a “Response to comments from CEO Goldmoney about Glint dating back to November 2017”. I thought that the challenger bank space could be pretty competitive but it turns out that’s nothing compared to what these guys have been doing :eyes:

To summarise, when Glint emerged as a competitor to Goldmoney, Goldmoney’s CEO posted a long statement criticising several aspects of Glint’s business & their investors. Which Glint has now responded to.

Neither document is that readable or approachable for anyone outside finance to be honest but in case you’re interested, I’ve copied the response into a Google Doc so that you can compare it to Goldmoney’s CEO’s comments -


As far as I can tell no-one has a monopoly on the fairly silly idea of a gold spending account.

Glint is a better name though.

(Alex Sherwood) #38

I’ve just been given access to the app, a day later after I registered. So I could be wrong but that gives me the impression that the waiting list is only there to get users to refer friends. Looking forward to checking it out! :nerd_face:

(Chris) #39

How dare you infer such a thing from the evidence presented. They’ve clearly gone “Oh it’s alexs. He’s kind of a small deal, lets give him quicker access”

(Philip Parkin) #40

Thank you for that reply I had read Seabag`s account but I had never seen a reply and it answers any questions i had, I feel comfortable now with my Glint account.
I also have one with Gold money but I have ran it down as it was becoming very complicated trying to use their system.