Global or European R.E.I.T

Any Global or European real estate investment trusts’ to list? Stock or etf?


Well, not sure you’re after a REIT or an ETF… different things… however… from memory IWDP is already on Freetrade. Invests mostly in US and Euro REITs but is wrapped up in an ETF format…

update. yep… chunky US REIT exposure…

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Thank you. Any more European and Global property etf/reit’s to potentially list on FreeTrade? IWDP looks good, heavily weighted on america.

iShares alone have quite a few. IPRP for Euro property income, IUSP for US based property holdings, IASP if you want some Asian exposure. Lyxor have a few with various geographic exposure but I can’t name the tickers off the top of my head. Just google about. Either way, unlikely to be a Freetrade.

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TR Property Investment Trust (TRY) invest in Europe, though mostly in UK.

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