Global X SuperDividend ETF - SDIV


This is an excellent ETF for those looking to invest for a dividend return. Over the last 12 months it’s yield has been close to 9% and it pays monthly.

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

57% of SDIV is in real estate, which arguably makes it a REIT.

A little remark just in case someone would think of it as a goldmine with 9% yield, it is not quite the case. REITs are not as safe and reliable as normal ETFs, such as S&P or FTSE, especially in the longer term. Mainly due to their vulnerability to increasing interest rates (which is what the US is doing [the UK too… kind of]), illiquid inventory and lack of spare cash for unexpected market downturns.

It is healthy to have some exposure, but also important not to be blinded by such a high dividend yield :slight_smile: