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This company is a large-scale manufacturer of integrated circuits which are used in mobile devices, cars and the Internet of Things (IOT). It was initially spun off from Advanced Micro Devices ($AMD) in 2009.

Well IoT was one of the great hopes of the new millennium that has never really taken off
Is it a great idea waiting to happen?
Or just too Brave New World for people?
You would think that you can’t go wrong with integrated circuits and AMD don’t but they spun this off for a reason and I don’t think it has much of the core IC business.
It’s been out on its own in the world for 12 years, why are they going public now?
Any thoughts people?
Is this a company ready to spread its wings and fly with the right investment?
Or just wanting to throw good money after bad in a desperate attempt to stay afloat long enough for the IoT to take off?
I can’t decide, i don’t know whether to put anything in to it.
It looks so good on the face of it but why isn’t it already a raging success?
Is it just the boring name?
Global Foundries indeed, doesn’t sound very exciting

GFS may be heading into profit soon.

Finally a decent earnings report in my portfolio.

-30% now :cold_sweat:

Congrats JVT
I missed the cheap buy at the start so wrote it off.
With an up and down like that I’m glad i did because i invariably transact at the wrong time in these situations.
Happy for you that you timed it right :beers:

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