(Peter Magyar) #1

Another interesting company.



Thanks. I think this might fund quickly. From their page:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Nice! I really like what this lot are doing. This could be a knowledge gap but I don’t know of any FinTechs offering a similar service in the US so the expansion’s pretty exciting :smile:

(Ben) #4

I invested in them last time on Crowdcube in March 16 (£1.50 per share) - seem to have done well in the UK and now looking to expand. I like the way they have 1 class of shareholder and so all shareholders had the opportunity to participate in the pre-emption round last year in November (£2 per share). Indeed what surprised me was that many people didn’t take up their rights during this round and so I was able to significantly increase my stake during that round. With a share price of £3 in this round and I’m imagining significant investor interest I would say that the price last year was a good deal.

(Luke Bebbington) #5

Looks like a great product. Thanks for sharing.


Campaign started, it is in private mode for now, but really big interest


There’s a “View Pitch” link on https://invest.gohenry.co.uk/ for anyone interested.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

It looks like they’re willing to keep the campaign over for a while longer :smile:


I invested in the previous round and this one already. Seems to know exactly the right approach. I have young kids so will be a customer soon too. Was very happy to overhear a (UK) colleague referring to her son’s gohenry account yesterday. Huge potential, particularly in the US.


They’re pushing £4m now, I think looking for up to £7m.

(Joseph Goh) #11

The latest round by gohenry seems to be another good opportunity !