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Good Energy Group PLC is a British energy company based in Chippenham, Wiltshire that generates and purchases renewable electricity, and supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses throughout the UK. Its CEO is Juliet Davenport.

This would be a great company to add, a green electricity provider - and doubly good if you use them as your electricity provider for inflation-proof investing!!

I’d really love to invest in Good Energy on Freetrade!

Nobody looking at this here?? Unreal…

£32m cash between free cash and restricted deposits… £33m market cap??

£248m revenue. Gross profit £29.9m. £8.1m profit before tax. Pays a divi, no debt to worry about.

Green energy, recently bought heat pump installation business (which will grow- forecast £21bn market size in years to come)…

Also owns Zapmap EV charging business- no growth potential needing explained here.

You can buy it for cash value. That’s nuts!


Such good value!

Considering the above posts, have a listen to last month interview on vox markets, particularly from over 5 minutes onwards

Are people still bullish here?

I wish I knew about good energy 2 months ago. I think there is a bit of more fast grow for the SP but not much.

Congrats and hats off for everyone who owns GOOD.

I have invested in good energy today at £0.09 per share, and when I finished and confirmed, the share price was shown £1.30
So I could not understand how it happened and why they have jumped up to £1.30

Are you sure you have the correct share? GOOD is priced at £2.54 just now

“GOOD” price today

Eventually it will shake and go… cash pretty much as market cap, being held back by the 250 vendor placing from February. Once it shakes …

“Cash and cash equivalents of £41.3m (2022: £24.5m)”

Will do well if Labour get in next election imo

Once it’s shaken this seller around 250 things will get interesting… the numbers are good for the market cap. £41 million cash pile.

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decent news for GOOD, considering they do solar, heat pumps and renewable energy for business

you’ll see more and more of these things if or when Labour gets in… you can see where we are heading, GOOD…