Good online intros & tutorials for shares and investing

I’ve used a Freetrade for around a year now and love it, it’s always been a good app run by a good team.

Recently I unfortunately had a serious accident, breaking my spine, neck and skull, along with many other things. This means that for a long time, I can do nothing by lie down and glance at my phone.

As a result, I was wondering if there’s a good place to go to learn about investing. I obviously have no money coming in at the moment so I’m not looking at going into serious investment, but the money in my account is there to play with.

So far I’ve basically plaid it that I learn about a company, I think it’s going to do well, I look at how the price has been doing on Yahoo finance, then I decide whether to invest or not. But I know there is a huge amount I don’t understand with regards to shares. I know there are somehow different markets, I have no idea how it physically works (how shares are actually held and transferred etc), what is and isn’t allowed, etc.

So yeah, I guess I was wondering if anyone could suggest links to where I could learn this sort of stuff online?

Thanks in advance.


Even a good set of YouTube videos or something like that would be nice. Thanks again!

Hi @ByteSlinger your post must have got lost yesterday as the community normally are happy to help.

First of all I hope having a broken spine is better than I’m imagining but I doubt it. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

I’ve build what ever knowledge I have over years and not from any specific source but if you’re looking for something to occupy your time the videos by Aswath Damodaran are amazingly in-depth - maybe to deep!


This is quite a good channel for explaining in laymans terms what’s happening in the markets


Hey everyone! Thanks for sharing the videos and links! I’ll try and work my way through them!
All the best!

Hope you get better!

If you’re able to read a book, then I would recommend:
One up on Wall Street
Beating the Street

Both by Peter Lynch. That’s where I learned a lot of my investing philosophy from and it seems to be going well, up about 120% across various different investments over the last few years. You can Google him to find out more about him, he was arguably the most successful investment fund manager, invested in the 80’s and 90’s.

The books are not like boring technical stuff, they’re meant for the lay person and written in an entertaining way (as interesting as investing can get).


Or if you want a more scientific take on investing instead of anecdotal, try A Random Walk Down Wall Street.


Echoing what some of the above comments have said, but here’s a list of good broadly accessible Youtube channels on investing / personal finance. They are all professionals who won’t try and sell you a particular investment, avoid the gurus who will try and convince you there is an easy way to beat the market.

Aswath Damodaran has great content with a bit more depth and if you have a few hours to kill you could work through a Valuation 101 series, which basically teaches valuation from the start without much assumed knowledge.