Google Finance portfolio tracking

(Sigh, my fix seems to have stopped working: Yahoo have probably changed something.)

Hey guys! Ive been planning to on creating a master spreadsheet for all my investments (stocks/real estate/crypto and so on) Would love to see what templates you guys using on yours, so if anyone keen to share their holding spreadsheet template would be very grateful.Thanks

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Hey :wave: you’re in luck, some of the community have shared their trackers here so I’ve moved your post over to keep all of the chat about this in one place.

Check them out & feel free to ask if you have any questions :smile:

It’d be great to see what you come up with too!

I don’t track my investments via a dedicated tool, but rather use Tradingview to look at specific stocks. Having been a paying Bloomberg Terminal user a while back, I can tell you that the quality TV provides (for free) is simply amazing! I would love to see an integration into a future FT Webapp.

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There’s also the option of REST API integration directly into TV. Not sure how this works with the batch orders on FT, but it would be amazing.

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That’s another reason for us to build this [Feature Request 🔧] APIs for Accessing User Portfolio :slight_smile:


I tried using the spreadsheet provided in the discussion. However when I change the Stock indicator based on the ticker The spreadsheet shows the whole line as none. I guess something needs to be changed there. :slight_smile:

Which ticker were you trying?

LON:TRIG / it did work but I get the prices wrong. If I divide the current price by 100. I get the true price. But my profit/loss is not displayed correcty. Thanks

Spreadsheet from the below site looks good


Anybody know of any software (Windows or Linux) that can track stock portfolios and display in real-time full screen?

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If you use windows 10 there are some trackers on the store.

How do you guys track crowd funding investments?

Is there an app that will allow me to manually add companies? Or is it just going to be spreadsheets?


Spreadsheets but see also today’s Capdesk email thread which you can track your crowdfunded investments in if (a) they all use Capdesk and (b) it actually lets you log in.

What other ways to you like to get your stock news? I used to use Google Finance, but after their most recent update. I’m lost using it…

Is that your website? You always seem to link to it


Google sheets fans who haven’t been able to automatically grab the prices of UK mutual funds in the last year will be pleased to know that @christopher came up with a solution.

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As much as I’d like to claim credit, I nabbed the code from somewhere and altered it (I’m better at research than programming!:).


Ok, so I get that this isn’t the purpose of this forum, but I can’t seem to get GoogleFinance working in Sheets at all.

Even typing in something basic like the following is returning a “Formula Parse Error”


I feel silly asking, but can’t figure out what Im doing wrong!


Try quotes around AMZN