'Googlemail.com' and 'gmail.com' Discrepancies

Hi there. I managed to fix this issue but I thought it was important to make a post highlighting this.
It appears that the email suffix ‘gmail’ is not recognized as being the same as ‘googlemail’.

Today I logged out of the app in order to log back in and receive the fingerprint login functionality. However, upon login, I used the gmail.com suffix instead of the previously used googlemail.com suffix used on signup.

The magic-link was sent to my email successfully, but upon returning to the app I was brought through the registration wizard again, which errored out when it reached the National Insurance number entry (I presume there is some sort of uncaught error occurring here when entering an already entered national insurance number?)

I resolved this by uninstalling and reinstalling the app – force closing the app and re-opening will still bring you to the registration form for the most recently entered email. Upon reinstalling I ensured I entered googlemail as the suffix, and the magic link sent me to the login form instead of the registration form.

Can anyone confirm that this is an issue?

These are separate domains - I imagine most apps which key off email for your login will treat them as completely separate. So you’ll just need to pick one email address and use it I’m afraid.


I have a range of Apple email address alias’, @mac.com, @me.com and @icloud.com, which are all part of my main Apple email address (the same as your @googlemail.com and @gmail adresses).

I wouldn’t try and log into an account using an alias which I did not register with. Equally, I wouldn’t expect a company to support all legacy domain alias’ for email providers.

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