Graphene Composites - 5th funding round


Our GC Shield™️ has our patent-pending graphene/aerogel composite inside; it stops powerful NATO M80 sniper and AR-15 assault rifle bullets and is half the weight of comparable shields. We have incorporated our GC Shield™️ technology into active shooter protection for schools, with our GC Shield Wall (which can protect groups) and our new GC Shield Curtain (which can protect school entrances and open-plan areas). Our main target market is the US, where protecting schools against active shooters is a top priority. As part of the UK trade mission to Boston in December and in a follow-up visit in January, we received strong support from politicians, police and school authorities, and have identified schools where Our GC Shield™️ active shooter protection technologies could be installed.

They’re back on Crowdcube although still in private mode. I’ve invested a little amount on this during previous round and planning to top it up. Anybody here who is an existing investor? Are you investing again? Share price last round: 84.2p , current share price: 161.5p

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When is it coming out of private mode?

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I bought in the last round and two rounds before that (at 15p). Not sure there’s massive growth left but it’s done well and I’ll be interested in this next round.


@littlefinger They didn’t mention. They’re raising £300k and so far, it’s 8% funded.

@lizmcp Ah that’s great. I wish I had known it way back. I’ve just read the latest updates and it has done well indeed. I believe there’s massive growth ahead if they’ll nail the these trial orders.