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These guys could pull the biggest chunk of gold ever out of the ground and the share price would tank it’s crazy


Taking a bit hit on this! Average price still £0.12 and keeping taking more but I regret to have not sold at £0.33.

It’s had a massive run up already. Most massive runs end with a major pullback.

Mining is a risky and capital intensive business

The biggest chunk of gold ever wouldn’t make much difference unless they can convince everyone they can do it again and again consistently

They don’t need to be valued on the assumption they can make these funds every so often, but they should at least be valued on the increasingly likely possibility that this massive find will be mined “within 3 years of the boxcut and decline” (which they started in January).

IMO this has the capability to now double by the end of the year.


I know… it was just a tongue in cheek comment about the decline continuing even with good news.

Could do with the fact they haven’t made profit in years?

Stockopedia which I find always pretty decent at rating stocks says its a momentum trap

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Yeah, I saw that on my free trial. Guess it depends how much value you put in their Stockranks and analysis.

Of course it hasn’t made a profit yet, everything it owns is still in the ground…

Honestly you can’t use these sites to value an explorer with a deposit yet to be mined.
In the same instance, SimplyWallStreet values GGP around £1.
Profit doesn’t dictate value, you just have to look at US tech stocks to see this - lots are loss making yet valued in the billions.
Different story with GGP, P&L is pointless to look at, all about the value of their share in a deposit about to be mined…


Same with most junior miners/exploration companies, they won’t turnover any substantial profit until their assets are mined or sold

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Maybe a few of us could contribute enough for a plane ticket for someone to fly over to the the sites and get an idea of what’s up :sweat_smile: Ask some questions. Get some visuals haha.


This guy does that already! Okay he uses satellite images but same idea.


That’s when algo based analysis tools fall down.

You need to know what you’re valuing and what stage they are at, read the RNS


RNS detailing the plan for the Juri JV due to start in early April…


Big boost at end of play today!!


Only thing that’s green in my account :joy:

:raised_hands::raised_hands::grin::grin: :tada::tada:so so long overdue. Hannam & co just announced target of 31p so hopefully it can creep up a bit more next week. Their target in August was 17p (when sp was double)


That’s got a nice ring to it. “One of the most significant in years” :grinning:

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Don’t mean to spoil the party, but this jump was driven by an index rebalancing and it jumped in the end of day auction (link below).

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it drop on Monday don’t expect this to be in the 20’s by April/May…