Greencoat UK 💨 - UKW

I have both UKW and TRIG? What would you do if either of these see some reasonable growth?

Would you feel you missed out?

Do you think the INRG ETF is better, does it have a lower OCF?

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I think wind still has a long and positive future even if they suddenly went full nuclear power (which I doubt) be years before it’s up and running

That won’t happen. Nuclear is great for providing stable constant power, it’s not necessarily as favourable for variable demand

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That is just Boris bluster. Wind power is the UKs Trump card if you will forgive the terrible pun

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Yeah I expanded on it a bit in a later reply, just a YouTube who cut a minters reply short.

I do expect UKW to invest in more off shore farms, but it does seem like they may have some competition on getting the bids.

And without wishing to get deep into politics, Boris is full of bluster!

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hike in share price today along with AGM results

Result of AGM - 15:41:52 28 Apr 2022 - UKW News article | London Stock Exchange

Net Asset Value, Dividend and 2021 ESG Report - 14:30:02 28 Apr 2022 - UKW News article | London Stock Exchange

UK Wind ESG report 2021-2022 final (2).pdf (

nav-factsheet-mar-2022.pdf (



One thing to note is they’ve removed the 40% GAV limit on offshore wind.


You should have received UKW already. UK dividends tend to get paid same day. But as Neil said, dividends can take longer to process.

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Yes, UKW has been paid now. I’m aware that the official policy is up to 5 working days but my UK dividends have always been paid the same day since I started investing at the beginning of this year.

Guess I’ve just been lucky so far :slight_smile:

Johnson gone now and the current non pm seems to pro fossil fuels more than ever worringly

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You’ll be glad to know that what ever nonsense the spout now, arent binding…

These arent policies, liar & liar will change whatever they say.

and when in power, whenever they do, they have prescident… Johnson has broken political honesty that this is now the new normal


The two industries aren’t mutually exclusive. As far as im aware no prospective PM has said they’re against offshore wind. and UKW has recently removed (or uplifted) their cap on off shore investments. Which is a good thing imo.

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Hi can you clarify what GAV an acronym for please?

Gross Asset Value

From Wiki:

The Gross Asset Value (GAV) is the sum of value of property a company owns.

Besides the net asset value, the GAV is a common KPI for property funds to measure the success of the fund manager.

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Sorry newb question. Does anyone know how often the dividends are issued? I just received a payout I wasn’t expecting.

Dividends for Greencoat are paid quarterly

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Thanks Steve.