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Thanks! Still somewhat new to this but I’ve had a look at the RNS on Greencoat website as well and it’s not clear to me how one can subscribe for the new shares being issued, does anyone know?

Is there a minimum subscription amount? I’m assuming this will not be possible via Freetrade?

Will possibly receive a notification about it, but be aware that a minimum of £1000 worth of the new shares is required. See bottom of p6 of this document: UKW Share issuance Programme.


I had been buying in UKW for a while but sold to get shares in another clean energy company that had better growth prospects. The dividend is ok but I am happy that I did not hold on to my shares or I would have made a sizeable loss that the dividend cannot make up for.

The Renewables Infrastructure Group - TRIG?

Greencoat UK Wind PLC (LON:UKW) has agreed to acquire a 49% stake in the Humber Gateway offshore wind farm as part of a consortium with several pension funds


I too am perplexed about how this works within Freetrade.

When Freetrade shows a guesstimate of dividend yield, does this figure not include charges and therefore say 5% should really be 4% if there’s a 1% charge

Or is it factored in
Or is it catered for somewhere else

They completed their Humber Gateway purchase

The ongoing charge of UKW (and trusts in general) are generally taken from income generated as i understand it.

The dividend doesn’t include any charges. its a % against the share price that you receive. 5.43%, i suppose if they took no charge and passed it on it would be 6.5% but its not a yield with costs calculated in as those costs are all before that, that’s just the yield.

ongoing charge info for reference


How do dividends get paid via this app from Greencoat? Thanks!

You’ll get a notification and cash in your app.

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Seen this as a new share holder! And only recently bought others shares in companies that pay out dividends but haven’t had any payout yet. So does freetrade put them into your bank account or into your withdrawable cash? Or do you have to contact the company directly? For all dividends not just greencoat?
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It will just show up as cash in your app and you can withdraw or invest it, or do nothing with it.

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Thank you for that information :+1:t2: say it was 5% is that 5% of what I invested or of the company’s profits :thinking:

They don’t actually base this on percentages. They pay out a set amount. Say the company pays 5p per year in dividends and the current share price is £1, this would give you a dividend yield of 5%. But this changes every second with the change in stock prices.
If the stock price rises to £2, then you buy, the dividend stays the same, the yield is only 2.5%.


So it really is a wait and see game with the total amount of dividend paid by company! :+1:t2: Thank you seb for sharing.

You can usually google the amounts. It’s paid out quarterly or semi-annually depending on the stock/fund. No worries!

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Here’s what was paid out in dividends/per share for Greencoat UK over the last 5 years:


Thanks weenie :heart:

So excuse my ignorance :scream: so in Lehman terms, based on last year it would be 1.775p per share I have each quarter??

Yes, so say you have 1000 shares, as long as you still own them on the ex-dividend date, you would have gotten 1.775p per share, ie £17.75 per quarter.