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It’s just market movement. Nothing to do with the company. Stock markets all dipped. Prices fluctuate every fraction of a second, just get used to it.


Yes cause you and @CashCow jinxed it and now I have to follow my words to get you both!

So addresses please :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Haha that’s what I suspected. I’m thinking of buying more so it will probably do worst soon Im afraid ha

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Tbh if look at year ago today price only different in 1p so it will go down and up it’s not massive stock grower but nice dividend think it’s currently over 5% so no brainer

My AVG is £1.31 so if drops under that I will top up and hold at that yield!

Think it’s a boring reliable stock which is good for me

But DYOR this isn’t financial advice just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Agree. I hold it as well. However, it’s not a common stock, it has ongoing charges of almost 1%. So the dividend is more around 4 than 5% effectively.


Thanks for a bit if on an insight on it. Slow and boring with good dividends is definitely my preference so think it could be another one for me :slight_smile:

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Still 4% is more than the bank’s giving at current moment, and unless I’ve jinxed it SP is pretty much stable :+1:t2::+1:t2::grinning:

If want slow and boring also looking into
£NESF and £BSIF but I got the latter at £1.20 currently £1.24 so maybe wait on a drop but
Depending on investment it’s only 4p difference! the dividend will probably pay up any losses :thinking:

I’m also watching octopus renewables at £1.10
£ORIT could be MY next investment :heart: currently paying 4.18%

But being a littliesh company maybe been mentioned as struggling with currently rises :thinking:

Thanks for this. It’s always nice to get a bit or insight into what others are investing in. Some time there’s so much choice it’s hard to narrow down where to even start looking. Il have a look at them. Cheers.


Yes, this charge put me off as I see it as too much.

I don’t know what this charge is? It’s not obviously? It must be a hidden charge or taken away from dividend before release :thinking:

@Fatboy covered charges a few hours ago in REIT’s but the same basically applies to £UKW

If you scroll on any stock to the bottom, it will say costs and charges. Click on that and you will see the information. FreeTrade are good at showing this - very transparent.


Ok found that now never even noticed it :man_facepalming: so how do these charges apply cause we don’t pay any extra one? Is it in with price

I believe it will be deducted from your overall value of the holding? For example if there is a cost and charge of 1% and you have £100 in a share that does not change in value, then next year it is worth £99. Maybe wrong though but that is how I assume it would work.

Most of the time the growth of share value or dividend payment will outweigh the costs and charges, there will be a net positive. Popular index funds in the S&P500 for example charge around 0.07%, but growth is normally around 10%.


Exactly. Greencoat isn’t a company, it’s a fund. The fee is taken from the fund’s assets continously (daily).

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Yea I get you with that! Haven’t held a year so FT would then get in touch about deductions
After a year or even when sell :thinking: I had before in GIA sold and bought again in ISA I haven’t seen charges tho for either
Unless it’s in time :thinking:

But I don’t see anything taken? Or is that why price goes down lol

You don’t see anything. It’s too little to move the stock really, so that’s not the reason, but yeah, it decreases the amount of assets of the fund.


Ok well that fair enough it’s not like I have £1000’s in this stock :+1:t2: thanks for help and clarification