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It might be production cost. I presume they bought separate machinery for the vegan rolls and the vegan mix might not be cheaper than the simple Pork and seasoning they use in the pork version. Greggs know they will sell millions of pork sausage rolls every day so only need a tiny profit on each roll where as the vegan version sells less and could be a passing fad.

Pretty sure everyone in the food industry has realised that healthy eating and vegetariansm/veganism is the future of eating not a fad. That’s where the money will be made. Definitely not with meat.


I meant vegan sausage rolls might be a fad not veganism which is increasing but i’d say has a very long way to go to rival meat production.

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That’s your wish :joy: I’d have thought it would be for vegan versions of beef products to become mandatory :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those Vegan sausage rolls are not for healthy eating same with the Beyond burgers etc

Yes, burgers and sausage rolls are not healthy foods regardless of what they’re made of :joy:

It’s Greggs. I don’t think anyone’s fooled into thinking it’s health food.

Keep your mind off my rump steaks!




Thought this was amusing!


Shares have dropped off massively today. This is after they reported their financial figures, however, the figures weren’t bad they show that Greggs remains to grow greatly financially despite a turbulent year. The drop of comes from a change in Chief Executive. Does this create a great opportunity to double down on stocks whilst they have fallen of for now? Sales don’t look like they will let up.

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Why the sudden drop in share price?
Long term value likely to hold?

I think the change at the top is giving the market the jitters. Greggs was an absolute backwater of a company before whiteside took over. I suspect there will be a period of drop back until the market is convinced that his successor has the same Midas touch.

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I said when they took away sausage and bean melts that it would backfire on the company. There’s still time for them to atone for their mistakes.

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And I know the previous response might seem highly flippant or even sarcastic, but where Greggs is concerned I’m actually being very serious. A lot of Greggs customers are loyal to them because of one fantastic item, mess with that one item by withdrawing it, or falling short on quality or price, and a lot of people will review all of their takeaway options. Greggs’ success owes to them having gotten this right consistently for a long time.