Growing our Investment Fund [Bankside Capital]

Hi everyone :wave:

We were blown away by everyone’s support on the :freetrade: forum with our first video, so decided to set up a page here. :arrow_down:

Just a quick summary; we are Bankside Capital. Two students with one goal.

Fed up with the interest rate on our savings accounts we decided to start investing. We’re documenting our journey about educating ourselves in the stock market and how to find value! Our channel is down below.

Starting with an initial sum of £500, we’ve already seen growth and a declines in the past week due to volatile markets.

In our second video we have a look at Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings (AML). On the :freetrade: blog it was #1 most bought- so we were curious. Digging into the details, in the video we provide an in-depth analysis of the stock and ultimately why we decided to choose it.

Video can be found here: - YouTube

As always, any comments and criticisms are especially welcome. We are always looking to improve as investors and would love to have as many people join in- as the more information out there for everyone to use the better! Hopefully we can also show that investing is not just for a subset of society but for everyone, even two cash strapped students! :grinning:

[1] An introduction
[2] Greatland Gold (GGP)
[3] Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings (AML)

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Disclaimer: Our videos are purely for entertainment purposes, when investing in the stock market please DYOR.


good idea lads, good luck


Thanks Oliver!

Great to have you on board :grinning:

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Nice work :+1:


Out of curiosity how have you derisked the fact that the money technically only belongs to the account holder?


Hi Eden,

Thanks for the question! In the next video we will clarify that The Bankside Capital Investment fund is comprised of two separate Freetrade accounts; and is an aggregate of our individual portfolios. We are investing individually, combining these results into what we call an ‘investment fund’.



Glad to hear. It would be good to see more companies supporting other accounts types (accounts for partnerships etc.) in the future.

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