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Was thinking the same thing, I wonder if the dividend due next Friday will take just as long.


Dividend received. At last. Hope the special arrives quicker.


Just came here to say it. A nice tasty dividend it is too. Helps soften the blow of the stock price


Counting down the days since the last dividend was declared, let’s see if it is credited this week.

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Looks like the special dividend due 29th july is late also. Come on FT other brokers have released the dividend friday or monday.


Don’t quite know why FT seem to suffer with a delay in the payment of this dividend; keeping :crossed_fingers: that it makes a belated appearance today. (Fyi - it was due on Friday 29th July).

I did raise this on the app at the time of the previous divi., which was similarly delayed, a couple of weeks ago, and was told it was something to do with the registrars. I would have appreciated a better explanation, but it is what it is I suppose.

It’s finally here! :tada: :fireworks: