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So FreeTrade say this, meaning they are aware of it and intend to fix it at least:

"This is an issue which our Engineering team are aware of and they will update this when they are able to, but I’m afraid we don’t have a timeframe for this just yet. :pray: `

Just let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. :blush:"


Thanks :+1:

First trading update for the newly single Haleon.

Respiratory benefited from a strong cold and flu season




Flu season gives Haleon flying start

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Flu season?
It’s the middle of summer.
Think I’ll hang on to them until January
Things should really take off then :laughing::rofl::sunglasses:

Always good to read beyond the headlines. The revenue figures are about H1

posted revenue of £5.2 billion for the first six months of the year

Fuller details about the H1 (to end of June 2022) results:

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Actually on another point as per my post earlier about the ridiculous situation where this is showing as an 80% loss due to the de-merger with GSK.

I know this is potentially not a great idea, but it looks like FreeTrade are going to drag their feet on correcting the share average. Does anyone know if I sold every single share and then immediately bought them back whether that would re-set the average or would it simply remember the average I had previously?

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You’re right it’s not the best idea (stamp duty) but if it bothers you your average would be set to the new price. It doesn’t remember transactions.

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Ahhhh stamp duty! :man_facepalming: I knew there was probably something I hadn’t thought of, thank you Neil.

Yes, it does annoy me quite considerably showing an 80% loss on an investment that I haven’t spent any money on (and I don’t really understand why FT need so long to fix it) but it would be rather stupid to waste money on stamp duty. Will put up with it for now then.

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As said it forgets. Sometimes i love a function where you can have an individual share give you account average plus dividend taken off too. Its bit of a headache trying to keep up.