Have a "coffee can" portfolio ☕? Willing to chat with a journalist?

I came across this concept in a great little book by Chris Mayers called “100 Baggers” (that was actually an update on the original 100 Baggers book by Thomas Phelps, called 100 to 1).

The name stems from the fact that people used to stash all their valuables in a coffee can under your mattress (who has time for banks!?) and the concept has been attributed to Robert Kirby, a PM at Capital Group, who wrote this piece back in 1984.

The concept is fairly straight forward. Pick a handful of high quality companies that you think will compound over time, allocate a portion of your portfolio, forget about them. He came up with this idea, in part, reacting to the hype over index funds (in 1984, that is).

Has anyone approached their investments like this or might have some thoughts?

I’ve been speaking with a journalist at the Sunday Times who was interested in the concept and was keen to speak with anyone who might be using this (or some variant). I think it might be more common than not, even if you never knew it was called a “coffee can portfolio”.

Drop me a DM if you might be keen to talk. He’s looking to set up a chat at some point this week.



You just described my investment in both Monzo and Freetrade. I bought the shares and then squirreled them away with the intention of not looking again for a number of years.

Though the community makes it hard to stay distant because it is so engaging.


And with the apps about it’s so difficult not to take peep
Gone are the days you only get a statement once a year
I have tried not to look but not easy for me :joy:


I once went about 12hrs not looking :joy:


U did better than me
I think it’s boredom and being stuck at home :joy:


I’ve managed 11 hours a few times (9pm to 8am).

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