Haven't got my money back after 18 working days

Hi :wave:,
Hopefully somebody from Freetrade would read it…

Around three weeks ago I transferred some money to Freetrade from my Revolut account. Back then I did not know that you do not accept transfers from Revolut, after all you guys don’t mention it anywhere in the app and one learns about it from the FAQ after the fact of not getting the expected money on ones Freetrade account in time. It’d be really awesome if you mention it somewhere in the app to save nerves for your other users.

In a few days after not finding the money on my account, I contacted your support and in 5 days after I asked the question they came back to me basically saying that I’m gonna get my money back in 10-14 working days. I adjusted my plans and counted on that.

So, it’s been 18 working days since I made a transfer and still have no idea where my money got stuck. Six days ago I tried to contact your support team again with no luck, still haven’t got an answer. Sooo, could you please help me? :pleading_face:

Hey Daniil, welcome to the community.

When you mentioned contacting support, did you do this on the email address money@freetrade.io at all?

They have created teams to help get organised after large influx of members so if you haven’t used this email address, I would suggest giving it a go.

I know it is frustrating waiting for a reply, but I am hopeful you can get this issue resolved soon. :slight_smile:

Hey Jase,

Thank you for a reply. Yes, I contacted support via both the chatbot and the money@ email 6 days ago. Haven’t heard back from them =/


That sucks! I feel for you. I would give it 20 working days (I know it sounds long) because if you were to complain to a regulator, that would be a reasonable expectation they would ask of you.

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I’m in the same boat. I use starling bank, and as I have two bank accounts when you go to transfer money through Freetrade there’s no option to select which account, it just automatically uses the one you last opened when you lastogged in to Starling.

I transferred some money, then realised it wasn’t the connected account so requested for it to be reversed. They contacted me to say they had reversed it but still waiting nearly 3 weeks later

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@dkruchinin @sdebar Would you DM me your email address you use with Freetrade, so we can look into this and help? :pray:

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Thank you, Viktor.

No worries. Give our team a little bit of time to look into this please!

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