Having trouble withdrawing money

I’, having trouble with the app, I click on the withdraw button, then it gives me a verify your accound page asking me to copy the reference numbers. i copy and press done, and it just takes me back to the previous page… how am I supposed to withdraw my money?

Hi you need to verify your account by depositing small amount of money from the attached bank account , before you can withdraw money from app.

I’ve already deposited money and verified the account thats why there’s money to withdraw

If you topped up with Google or Apple pay previously you’ll need to verify your linked bank before you can withdraw the funds. This is a one-off security step to ensure that the linked bank account you want to withdraw to is in your name. Unfortunately, this can’t be done through a Google / Apple Pay top-up - it has to be through a bank transfer.

You’ll just need to go to account > top-up > bank transfer, and follow through our top-up instructions. From here, you can use Open Banking to initiate the transfer or find the details to complete a manual bank transfer.

Bank transfers are processed every 2-4 hours on week days, from 8am - 8pm.

If this is not the issue you’re having, please DM me and I"ll take a look.


Out of curiosity where on earth do you find the manual bank transfer details (reference specifically) after you’ve linked open banking? Because other than asking support I’ve never been able to find it.

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We only present this option in-app if we can’t support your banking provider via open banking.


Ok ill wait to see tomorrow, as I did verify it over the weekend.

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