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The lack of revenue doesn’t worry me so much. I wouldn’t have expected any real revenue stream for a few years tbh.

They still have to make a commercially viable discovery, raise money to fully explore it, and either get into production or get bought out. That’s a long game. :grimacing:

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Will HE1 ever have good news? History with this exploration company shows share price devalues every time they release snippets of information.
I was hoping in the last little rally to see 10.5p, that was my bail out point for my SIPP and sell off half my main holding, which would have been in profit.
Holding out for the long game has become less appealing as months have dragged on.
If David steps down and somebody more competent takes over then perhaps I’ll rethink my position.

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I had high hopes for this but have decided to liquidate for a small profit, time to move the money in to something else.

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Didn’t last long did it :joy::person_facepalming:

Now I’m torn between holding for what feels like a millennium or buying more to decrease average

Feel your quandary. I have been buying and got average to 0.0835 with nearly 105k shares.
My concern now is the incompetence of the CEO and by extension the company itself.
I’m only small fry in the investment world, i would love to hear what the big time investors within HE1 are thinking and doing.

Dropping like a stone… just seen .0685p. Said to myself I’d throw another K in if it went back down to 0.6 but rate it’s dropping I may wait until 0.5 :flushed:


Anyone able to explain this??

Saw this on Twitter… running out of money? :person_shrugging:

I missed the announcement yesterday that they were doing a placing, but it’s not really a surprise given the annual report etc. They had to raise some cash somehow, such is the life of exploration companies.

I was hoping they’d hang on for a bit and maybe manage at a slightly higher SP. A 26% discount seems like a lot.

Overall this is probably good news, but I expect the SP to open way down… Lets see…

Seems to me theyre just posting lots of random news now on Twitter because they think it’ll increase the SP like it did a week or so back.

Oh dear indeed

Idk 13% down. It could have been worse. At this point all the matters is whether the prospective tenements deliver a potentially commercially viable discovery or not. At least they have enough cash to go try and find out. At least for a bit.

When they release more details it will be interesting to see who bought into the placing.

Damn… too long a lay in, missed the 5.5p

So is this essentially a discount on their shares?

That’s not a phrase I love because I think people misuse it to imply shares are “on sale” etc which is generally a load of rubbish.

However… in this specific situation it is correct to say that the placing took place at a discount to the current share price. The new shares were offered at 5p each which is roughly 25% below the SP at the time of the placing. Having a placing take place at a discount to SP is not unusual. 25% seems like a lot IMO but the company probably weren’t in the strongest of bargaining positions…

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The bloody hell is going on here :sweat_smile::person_facepalming:

Drilling has been delayed.

Profit taking, new year celebrations have too be paid for.

Weird they haven’t tweeted about it lol