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Oh I am nowhere near that far in on this one, what I have in is pocket change.

But I think I am going to use more pocket change to buy Mars Bars rather than put any more in here ATM.

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Hey, almost the same as me! 110,500. I agree, it’s my risk holding. Confident though.


Interview with our CEO on Monday:

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Same 106’134 for me. Currently just in green but definitely holding this for the year. They only need to start drilling for a large increase. If they discover helium and successfully extract then it will get seriously interesting.

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“They only need to start drilling” that’s hilarious :joy:.
No disrespect to your message, but to HE1 inability to secure a rig and break ground.

What initially atttwcted you guys into buying so many shares? Was there any basis to investing in this company? I’ve only got 5000 odd but was thinking about getting more when it just ripped. Figure now it might not go back down for a while, and if they still up up up

For me, it was a gradual buy. Buying the dip.
Hoping to see it rise gradually but more likely to drop again until news of rig and drill dates.

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Gradual for me too. Ive managed to get my average down quite nicely

Has anyone manually calculated their average share price and found it to be different to what freetrade displays?
Apparently i have spent an extra £1000 according to Freetrade and so losses shown are also compounded.
This isn’t just in HE1 but at least one other holding i have checked.

Yes there were inaccuracies in the way they show your losses against spend, values don’t always add up, I download the data about 2 months ago into Excel and manipulated the sheet to find the true losses (current market being what it is)
If you reinvest your dividends directly without drawing the divs out of FTrade first that also affects the numbers.
You have to filter the buys/tops-ups/divs and taxes to reveal true positions
It’s a tediousnprocess
Hope it helps

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At this point if a drill rig ever materialises on site then I’ll be amazed. The MOU is basically worthless as far as I’m concerned.

This remains a hold for me :grimacing:

Another drill rig. Reminds me of the story “the boy who cried wolf”.
Market response was as expected, anticlimactic.
Until they break ground with said rig, HE1 will remain a wet blanket

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Interview with our CEO :grin:



Do we think today is a loading-up spike?
Not seen any news…

I think you could be right, I think people are thinking the drilling rig will land very soon and that will drive price up so folk jumping in now to grab a bargain.

Not advice DYOR

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Thats right. Our partners, Noble Helium, should be completing their fund raise (farm out) this week. Once they got the cash we are sharing a rig with them and the contract for this deal could be announced as early as this week onwards. But probably a few weeks. Hopefully.

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Theres been some Noble news release today, i dont quite understand it so not sure its good sign for he1 or not.

Yeah, I don’t quite understand the implications there if I am honest