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Oh I am nowhere near that far in on this one, what I have in is pocket change.

But I think I am going to use more pocket change to buy Mars Bars rather than put any more in here ATM.

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Hey, almost the same as me! 110,500. I agree, it’s my risk holding. Confident though.


Interview with our CEO on Monday:

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Same 106’134 for me. Currently just in green but definitely holding this for the year. They only need to start drilling for a large increase. If they discover helium and successfully extract then it will get seriously interesting.

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“They only need to start drilling” that’s hilarious :joy:.
No disrespect to your message, but to HE1 inability to secure a rig and break ground.

What initially atttwcted you guys into buying so many shares? Was there any basis to investing in this company? I’ve only got 5000 odd but was thinking about getting more when it just ripped. Figure now it might not go back down for a while, and if they still up up up

For me, it was a gradual buy. Buying the dip.
Hoping to see it rise gradually but more likely to drop again until news of rig and drill dates.

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Gradual for me too. Ive managed to get my average down quite nicely