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Well, glad I set a stop at 520! That’s all I’m saying! Managed to save some £’s for rebuy, once they have officially set up again at the other drill site!! Just in case you know!!:rofl: Dreams!!!

Why not 420 blazeeeeee

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At some point it might bounce… but I feel the days of 28p are loooooooooooong behind us.
I wish I’d set a stop :laughing:

I had couple quid left in account.cant buy rejected.

Well that was an interesting ride. Quite the introduction to gamble investing. I got on board with this at about 9p, after the 28p thinking, naively, that as it had been there once it would go there again. I then averaged down and down and down, then nearly sold when it recently hit 10ish, but got fomo as the drill was coming up.

I’ve been taken quite by surprise by this last drop. I’m at optimist so I interpreted the tai-3 as a great learning curve, and Itum as a new opportunity.

Now I wonder, what happens to a company when shares fall so far? Does it go just? Or 3p becomes the new normal?


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These aren’t normal times, markets have the jitters at present, coupled with HE1 track record, we’ll be extremely fortunate to see sp reach 5p at Itumbulla spud.
My humble opinion, which isn’t educated in this, is that extraction of Helium or a buy out will be the only time it goes double digit. Unless the markets rapidly flip back into bullish territory.
I’m in the same boat, too many thousands invested, so I want to remain positive, succeed. However, I can’t fool myself.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be doing it but averaging down is gripping me.
BUT, my transactions keep being rejected ??
Has anybody else found this?

are these sells or buys?

Highly likely to be rejected, who would be selling at these prices?



Buys but only if you want money to sit there. Not sure they will bounce back just now as starting a new drill site sometime soon.

Well, I’ve officially lost just over £800 on my stop and I’m afraid I will not be reinvesting with HE1 for the forceable and instead choosing a couple of GIA’s stocks for now.
I wish you all the best of luck for their next drill location and hope you at least get your money back from these harsh down spikes.
Daz signing off for now…


I’m probably gonna do the same. 26k shares, down around the same as you this last week. Just dont see it heading back up to 5/6p any time soon and certainly can’t see it hitting 10+ in the near future.

I’m showing a paper loss of £5900 at present, isn’t realised until it’s sold.
AIM investments are always risky, HE1 is definitely no exception, however, all tests completed show there to be Helium, so i expect sp to rise eventually. Just need the stomach to ride this latest setback out.
If Itumbulla reveal good shows too, then HE1 are sitting pretty, the question then would be, will they procede to extract or sell the rights? Either way, there has to be a return to shareholders.
And if they go bust, then surely, with good test results, they’ll get bought out?

Just do not gamble. Chasing losses with more money is the epitome of gambling.


Agreed with Jamie. Buying stocks like He1 is like gambling on the horses. But with the big difference is that the horse continues to run untill,…,.,…,…

I always watch you people with the money :slight_smile: what you have in just this one stock is my entire portfolio, but it’s good to see how yous money manage.

I guess if I had a shit ton of extra cash I might be the same and go for some start ups etc as well.

Its nice to watch you all though be it a loss or gain it just shows money makes money but can also sting when it’s on the other end.

Isn’t the trading term called speculating

I’m hanging in there for sure. As tempting as it is to average down … I don’t have the funds to make a significant impact.

I do think investors, including myself, expected too much from this drill … it’s not over by any means, just the beginning.

Good luck all :+1:


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