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Just sold 4700

I highly doubt it will drop anywhere near that but it’s impossible to predict of course.


Holding at almost 4000 shares. I knew it was a high risk stock going in, so I’ll be holding until drilling resumes.


Cut and paste into browser. Analysis from Hannah and Partners


Very useful. Thanks :+1:

Sold all except 500 no point keeping yet

Buy at a later date

August 9th -

@Nivedita I think we have very different definitions of long term …


What You mean

I’m assuming its a jest in the fact your long term comment lasted a month. :sweat_smile:

Long term is 12 months plus IMO.


True but if nothing happening till next year is there any point holding now

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Can buy at a later date near the time of exploring

I see your logic but only if you are selling at a profit or the same you bought in at.

I’m in at a small loss but will just stick it out till by the looks of it, April time when they start drilling again.

Guess you can invest the money short term and make interest then sell before the start of drilling season. Might potentially miss out on any spikes but that’s currently wishful thinking.

Investing in cannabis’s companies

You brought more shares 4 days ago? I was being sarcastic but in nobody’s books is 4 days long term. You seem a very emotional trader and emotion is the last thing you need when investing.


I’m new in this so I need confidence from people like you

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You must be a big player with a lot of experience give us tips

I’m not a big player I’m an ordinary guy who wants to help. If you have any specific question the forum is full of knowledgeable people who are more than happy to help.

AIM stocks are not for the lighthearted, I don’t give investment advice (nobody does) but if you’re new I’d stick to S&P500/FTSE350/NASDAQ to learn the ropes.


Time investment and being patient are two of many key elements in investment. There are lots of factors dictate the movement of the stocks they are outside your control. Majority of your ground work in your research could cover a lot and uplift the confidence in investing in the company that you research. I’m afraid there isn’t a magic formula.
Like @NeilB said, SP, FTSE, NASDQ are safe bet if you aren’t prepared to take unprecedented hits on AIM shares. Keep learning…don’t give up. We all start from somewhere.:grin:


Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago you kept topping up and buying more…

And now you’ve sold most?

I’ve got just under 12,000 shares after topping up to get average cost lower, but I definitely won’t be selling any time soon. Surely you’d be loosing money.

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