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Only because of how unstable the market is at the moment. Of course I would like to have my shares still if original value returns, however, there is no guarantee and with investigation work ongoing, they could come up empty handed. Better a small profit than a big loss.

We’re all holding out for a bit of hope. Once they restart drilling it will probably rise again, and if they find Helium?? Well, let’s just pray they do :joy:

Mortgage paid off and second home bought?! :see_no_evil::joy:

@ArticMonkey - hmm someone is doing well. Good luck to the rest of us.:joy:

Pahaha at this point I’d be happy to see my red turn to green.


Might need the shares to get to £10 each before I tell the wife to quit her job. :sweat_smile:

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:thinking:…You never Know! :joy::joy:

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£10 shares from a penny share would be insane. That would see me £377k :rofl:. I’m just happy it’s comfortably in the green now

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We can dream. I’ll make about half that. Enough to be happy for a while. :wink:

I’m dreaming with you. 10p for me is a thousand up so I can’t complain.
Does make me glad I kept buying the drops. Altnough as you can imagine it’s tempting to sell for that profit ( I am not tho)

I’m lucky enough to say I bought when it dropped a bit, but I’m still a bit off my avg price around 13p before I break even. Although it’s going up at the mo, I feel for those who’d gone in hard at 26p!

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That’s some good news, may yet see a few millionaires here yet :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


:joy::joy: I wish! But will be a nice profit hopefully :pray::+1:

Kornbluth: Latest Amur fire tightens helium supply for 2022

New information about the explosion and fire that took place at Gazprom’s Amur natural gas processing facility on 5th January indicates that helium production will remain offline for at least the next six months.

Source: Gazprom

Largely driven by expectations for significant production from two of Amur’s eventual three 700 MMCF per year helium tranches, 2022 was expected to be the year where the helium market finally transitioned from the tight supply conditions experienced in recent years to a sustained period of more plentiful supply. Given the revised and highly uncertain outlook for production from Amur, helium markets are now likely to remain tight throughout 2022, with the transition to plentiful supply pushed out by at least one year to 2023.

Amur actually produced helium from its first helium plant for several weeks in September before taking a planned shutdown that was originally expected to last for a month or two. Gazprom had also been planning to start-up its second helium plant in the first quarter (Q1). During the shutdown period, there was a fire at the gas processing plant on 8th October, which apparently was a factor in delaying the plant restart. Amur was expected to restart helium production soon, when the 5th January explosion and fire occurred. As word has got out that helium production will be delayed until at least Q3, Gazprom’s customers have begun to redeploy the 100+ empty containers sitting in Russia to other sources.

Going forward, there is now considerable uncertainty about when Amur will restart helium production and how quickly it will ramp up. Given how recently the explosion took place, Gazprom is probably still in the process of assessing the extent of damage and putting their plan together for repairing the plant. It is too early to know if Amur’s helium production will be delayed by six months, 12 months, or even longer.

Longer term, there is also increased scepticism about whether Amur will eventually become a reliable source of close to its 2.1 BCF per year nameplate capacity. What is clear, however, is that 2022 is going to be very different year for the global helium business than most market participants, including me, were expecting only a short time ago. We are also reminded that the helium supply chain is complex and, at times, highly unpredictable.


Hi @Raferoo We need to be careful here, feel free to quote a pertinent bit or write an introduction but wholesale Ctrl C + Ctrl V breaks their copy write.

Ah sorry, Neil

I thought including the link woudl be reference enough for them

My apologies

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Apology not accept as no apology needed. :ok_hand:t2:

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I’m in the green on helium one I thought for a while this wouldn’t be a possibility I would ever see again.


… I’m just crying here with my little 225 shares still in red :joy::joy: