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Come onnnnn Helium One - SO close to being in profit for the first time since August :sweat_smile:


I’m up £2.50!! Don’t spend it all at once

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2% off profit at 0.1190 an average share. :joy:

37% UP…Holding

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Well my profit only lasted a day or so haha- we need some NEWS

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Interim results old from 28 march


Anyone know if they have a drill schedule yet?

Nothing official as yet, but CEO revealed in a recent radio interview they are drilling Q3 this year at a depth of 2000mtrs using 8.5inch drill bit. Next RNS should be a big one regarding price movement, one way or another.


Hopefully the start…

“With a drilling rig identified and contract negotiations ongoing we look forward to a successful exploration campaign in 2022.”


Time to top a few more up then. :+1:t2:

Looks like drilling will be about Q3
With all the data they have been accumulating and now securing a big rig,
looks like this could be a great year for discovery

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So it’s either a bad bet or there’ll probably be a share dilution then?

Certainly doesn’t feel as positive as the feeling was a year ago. Here’s hoping the new drilling starts soon

Just holding on until drilling we’ve waited this long

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Is the stock crashing due to the current market uncertainties or bad news somewhere else?

Personally I reckon its a bit of that yeah, but also the lack of news.

Surely they should be drilling by now? August/September last year they stopped as they were coming into the rainy season, yet still absolutely nothing about starting up again with the rainy season appraoching again? It could be a sign of some internal issues they are workong out but who knows due to non-communication.

Or it could be absolutely nothing at all with drilling to start very soon finding the worlds biggest supply of helium making us all rich… :joy:

I wonder if with Linde with drawing from Amur (see link) this must benefit HE1

I seem to recall that Amur was a big producer of He but suffered a fire early this year

I think it’s too early for this to matter much. He1 need a drilling programme, a strike and a resource estimate etc first… If the price of helium increases then it should make it easier to secure future funding though.

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