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Very strange, I can’t find anything.

Super weird spike. The best possible news would be that they have a drill rig in country and imo even if that leaked it wouldn’t justify a 25% spike :man_shrugging:

Could just be bouncing back to the levels of a couple of weeks ago.

That was short lived, i was getting ready to sell out.
Seems a blip in the market as most of my holdings raised for a short period.

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A potential Jan/Feb drill…

Although, the market is taking this as negative news maybe due to the delays.

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Well, that devasted the market. Now not drilling until January or February.
Showing a huge loss in my portfolio with this update :scream:

I’ve lost like £300 so god knows what you’ve lost with your 75k shares. Ives only got around 16k but tempted to top up, but the delays just give me cause for concern seeing as this year was supposed to be the year they were drilling.


Worthy of a top up mate

I don’t know a ton about geology but the research I did convinced me there was a decent chance the helium would be there and that there will be enough demand to make it worth extracting. BUT at this point I’m not sure how much faith I really have in the managements ability to deliver.

I won’t be selling or adding until I see some progress.

We need to know if they have the money to last until the drill date. If so, definitely worth holding and even topping up.

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It’s not necessarily bad news if we’re patient. Whilst I’m not as heavily invested as others, I had the delight of buying in around 25pps but have been buying a bit here and there, lowered my avg pps to just over 11p now. Although, given the current trajectory, got a fair way to go to break even!

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Positive news, just a bit more patience needed.


Well I’ve just topped up, I must be mad.


Nothing mad about seeing a chance and taking it.

I got caught up in last years fiasco so while i still hold a few to wait and see what happens i’m a bit cautious about who will find the helium first, the company or the share price.

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