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Can we please have this added to our portfolios please

The team are working on it. :+1:


Would like to know when you expect this to be available?

Request for stocks.

Thank you Freetrade, see this in the app now!

Thanks guys, hopefully we get a successful drill in June.

Investor presentation today at 3



Anyone got any further updates on the June dig and what to watch out for?


from an article here Should I buy Helium One shares as drilling starts?

3 wells are planned for this drilling programme, each of which will test a different type of trap . In other words, they will each target different underground rock formations to see which — if any — have helium deposits trapped within them.

HE1 expects each well to take about month to complete. So we could see results from the company from the middle of July.

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Thanks pete - I saw this article earlier today. Sounds like interesting times and we should certainly see over the next month whether the investment is warranted.

Not really sure why the price has dipped so dramatically over the last couple of days, but hopefully this article will spark some interest!

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