Help with the Dissertation Research about FinTech by Filling in a Survey


Not sure if I am allowed to post this on here, but I would really appreciate if any of you could take some time in helping me out by filling in a short survey questionnaire which will then help me with the research question I am trying to answer with my final year dissertation at university.

The research is about FinTech influencing the financial behaviours in young people, essentially what are the factors that contribute to an individual choosing a FinTech provider over traditional in this day and age.

Freetrade is also mentioned :slight_smile:

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Thank you in advance!


Done. Good luck with the rest of your dissertation work :slight_smile:

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Please define

for I’d like to participate but don’t know if your criteria would allow me.


I’m young

Thank you!

So the way I see, it’s trying to understand the patterns in Millennials, Generation Z (in particular) but the survey is open to absolutely anyone because it will help me compare and contrast the differences :slight_smile:

Done and goodluck!

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Thank you very much!


be there in a minute

X Man here

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Thank you for those who completed it so far, would really appreciate in getting more responses :slight_smile:

Thank you!