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Looks like they are trying to raise capital for next stages of trial/development. Placing @ 2.5p

Trying to sell but it won’t let me, any ideas why not?

If you’ve been trying to sell within the last couple of hours, then it’s because the market is closed - you cannot sell a stock when the relevant market is closed, you would need to sell during uk market opening hours (8am - 16:30)

If you are having problems during opening hours, what are you seeing?

Nice spike after a poor period

Jeez :roll_eyes:

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Long may this rise continue

Good start to the week

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Half year report

Shows positive progress with a few hoops to jump through. However an investor buying shares at 0.06p ought to garner sone interest

When you sell something 10 days ago as you feel like it was dipping :grimacing:

Nice spike today

Surprised this isn’t more active considering it’s up 72% 1M, 136% 6M :eyes:

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I have not seen much news released have you ? I sold for small profit back in November but missed the latest jump . Good luck

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Something relating to new patent protections yesterday, expecting news of lifted clinical hold next week

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Still keeping an eye on this one seems to be sone momentum. Just dnt want to jump in to late an get burnt.

Straight over 6p this morning


FDA Consents to Phase I Trials of HEMO-CAR-T


The article below shows how special this is. So hopefully we will see gains based on this.


I missed that one. Superb

Jeez. What have I missed?