Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals (HEMO)

Well, that didn’t last long!

Anyone know of any news on this? Seems to be doing well.

News apparently coming end of the month, it’s a fairly cheap stock in the heath sector with some good potential.

Do you have any links or anything? Interested to read up.

Yeah if you go to Announcements - Announcements they normally post an announcement end of the month nothing Aug so might see this week or end of the month.

I could as always be completely wrong just going by the previous history :joy:

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Cheers :+1: Although I wouldn’t hold any breath as they have only got posts for the last few months and none seem to indicate it is a monthly thing. Probably just a coincidence as they have posts for beginning and middle of month also various days of the week as well.

I would say though, that it is the longest they have gone without a post so you are probably going to be right :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s happening…!

Whats happening ?

I’m hoping it’s not a FT glitch

The price is dragging itself upwards. There’s talk of announcement on other messaging boards. Just something to get a little bit excited about. 15p here we come! :partying_face:

No it’s not a glitch it’s just my curse kicking in. In the middle of transferring my stocks from Gia to Isa. No doubt I’ll get back in tomorrow just in time to start the spiral downwards again.

15p? Ooooo. What’s the announcement any thoughts? I have to say iv done no research at all on this and just bought a handful of shares some months back and then forgot about it.

Another false dawn it seems… :roll_eyes: :joy:

Is this a good investment to go for in the long run

Wow it shot up

It’s on the rise! I see life :laughing::laughing:

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Not much happening on this one, any recent news about?



Hi @Y4kcm :ocean: