High fee platforms!

I had some shares on a high fee US platform, and I just noticed they sold some of my stock without my permission (at high commissions) in order to free up funds in order to charge me even more exorbitant platform fees! Some online brokers are a total joke, thank god we have a choice these days.


Still sometimes happens to me on a UK platform… who I used to work for 20 years ago… it’s an old school thing… but not for much longer… the times they are a changin’


Vanguard sells some of your investment automatically to pay for fund fees if you don’t have any cash in your account. It doesn’t cost anything extra.

@AchillesFirstStand ETF (TER’s) fees usually come out of the funds returns can you please explain

With vanguard one can setup direct debit to pay for fees. Very convenient.

I have the Lifestrategy fund, vanguard will automatically pay the fund fees for me by selling enough of my investment to cover it. They don’t charge me any punitive fee for doing this.