High Yield ETFs

Common question I get emailed - what are the highest yielding ETFs and where can I buy them?

Thought I’d hack together this table.


++ Dividend yields are complicated as the caluclation methodology can vary wildly from plpatform to platform. So, the logic on this was : Take native currency, rebase to Sterling at FX rates of 29/02, take 1 year rolling dividend payouts, rebase to Sterling. ++

++ That will result in some quirks and some errors ++

Links to the FinkiSearch will likely be slow as these ETFs are 'less loved" by the cheaper brokers and therefore the live FinkiSearch takes longer to scan every brokers ETF univers and return a result. Patience. Sorry.



Hi Mr Finki, first time using your website. Is there a way to list the ETFs by highest yield? Is that list displaying every ETF that is available to buy in the UK?


Hello Mr Achilles,

No, sorry. That list is fairly hacked-together. It’s a mis-mash of UK listed ETFs by yield regardless of there availability. ETFs with no dividend history have been excluded.

What do you need?

Every ETF available on, say, the LSE? Or every ETF available on cheap platforms like FT and T212?

Let me know and I’ll hack it together


Hey! I don’t need anything specific, I just saw the link and was checking it out. It would be useful to do a search of all ETFs that I can buy as a UK investor and list by highest yield. Then I could start looking at which ones look attractive to buy.

There may be existing websites that can do this, I haven’t checked, to be honest.

Hi, are you aware there is a Java based redirect to a coin miner on the site?




Not accusing you of anything, and I’m grateful for the efforts you are putting into a resource for the community, but you either need to brush up the sites security, or if this is a method of covering the hosting costs, be transparent about it.


I’m also now getting this warning on Firefox, can you confirm what’s happening @finki? Thanks

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Demoed this coin miner to see if I could recoup mounting server costs. The short answer is : no, no way, not a chance. So I’ve removed it. Reload page (delete cache if need be) and warning should be gone. Apologies for the inconvenience. Will examine other options - maybe ads - but suspect this won’t cover costs either … so… if anyone has any experience in this area let me now

Normal service has been resumed. Apologies.


Thanks for the honesty. I perfectly understand that you’re providing a service to us for free, and you’ve every right to try to monetise it. Let me know if you add adverts to the site and I’ll be sure to turn off my Adblocker. :+1:

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I personally would have preferred it if you had said up front you were trailing it, but you replying honestly goes a heck of a long way - and I don’t blame you at all for wanting to cover your costs.

I don’t have much experience in hosting sites (only in protecting them!) but something I have seen people like Troy Hunt do is have a monthly sponsor - only problem I guess is that you might need a decent number of hits to make spark their interest - a little bit chicken and egg situation :frowning:

Hopefully someone comes along with a solution for you or at least a decent tip.

Edit. Maybe include a method of people paying a tip if they find the site helpful too? Probably wont generate much, but if I use the site a few times a month, I’d happily donate a few £ to say thanks