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Dividend Yield: 10.23% **

Finally, Horizon Technology Finance has earned a spot on a list of monthly dividend stocks to mull. As the name suggests, Horizon Technology Finance provides capital to young, upcoming technology outfits, though it doesn’t cater strictly to the tech sector.

It’s also heavily involved in the development of life science and biotechnology companies. [Its portfolio] includes biotech names like AccuVein and Celsion, along with traditional tech plays like cybersecurity company Control Scan and communications technology player Xtera.

Its results are as erratic as what you’d expect from major technology names, but it’s worth the wild ride. Horizon’s yielding 10.23% at its current price, and it has not had any sustained trouble affording its dividend payment.

Ticker symbold HRZN, listed on Nasdaq.

Double digit, monthly payer. Payout ratio is a bit high, a deeper look is prudent before you put your hard-earned money in.
Current price 11.59$, sitting a bit high on its 52 week range.
Operating income has been growing for the past few years.
Funds from operations were increasing in these past few years, with a dip in 2020, which is to be expected in these macro conditions.
As far as dividend history goes, it has been paying uninterrupted since 2012.

Latest are as follows:

Really looking forward to getting this in my portfolio.

(Make it ISA-able please :wink: )

As per usual, DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

Quick update for anyone that’s interested,
HRZN will be bought by Monroe Capital, though the details of the deal have not been made public, to my knowledge.

Seems like HRZN will be selling the investment adviser part of it, HTFM, and not the actual HRZN.