Horizonte Minerals ⛏ (HZM)

Hi @woodyblade. Thanks for the note, I’m looking into it and will let you know if I can provide any further update.



Hi. Quick update - we’re working as hard as we can to resolve this. It’s due to a technical issue related to stamp duty considerations. If there is any further update, I’ll let you know.

Capital at risk

@Rajan07 hi Rajan. Looks like a few of us HZM holders are having trouble accessing the app after the reverse share split today. Stocks won’t load and on the account screen if i try to look at my isa or gia from the dropdown the app just crashes.

Lol, also shows me this when i look at my insight tab.

Hey. Sorry to hear you had this issue, looks like it’s now resolved. Let me know if you have any further issues today and I can flag to our support team.

Hi guys, can someone explain why according to the stocks graph, this stock falls to around 10pence every few months and then rockets back to above 1£?
I’ve never seen a graph like it (I’ve not been doing this long so could be something that just happens)

Might be worth flagging with support as the data provider has clearly got something wrong.

The last dates on the graph were 28/02 & 01/03 which when you check the yahoo finance data doesn’t show anything like the price in the app.

Google finance looks fine too

Hi @Rajan07

Is there any further update on the stamp duty issue?