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Given I got some money to invest what are the best opportunities and why at the moment for a 5+ years holding? Cheers.

This is not financial advice and you should do your own research

If you are asking this question then you should go for an index fund or an ETF. The question suggests lack of research so going for an index or ETF will be safer for you than going for a few picks.

£VWRL - FTSE all world
£IUSA - S&P 500
£IH20 - Global Clean Water
£IASH - MSCI China
£VAPX - Asian Pacific Excluding Japan
£IIND - MSCI India
£VGER - Germany
£VJPN - Japan
£VEUR - Developed Europe
£VMID - FTSE 250
£CPJ1 - Pacific Ex-Japan
£RBTX - Robotics

These will provide good diversification across the globe.

Good luck