How are people preparing for Brexit?

How are people preparing for Brexit? What do they think is going to happen? What do you think will happen if (as seems likely), the deal is rejected in parliament next week?

I’m preparing by tutting loudly and rolling my eyes a lot. Not much else I can do really


From an investment perspective I continue to invest in certain battered stocks but am keeping quite a sizeable amount of cash to one side to tranche into the markets if/when they tank, correct or similar such. Pound cost averaging is your friend as timing is fiendishly difficult, though I end up trying both.


I chose 3 etfs I believe represent solid investments - I plan to keep putting money into them regardless and then reap the huge returns in 10-15 years …


Suppose I should do a serious answer :grin:

If I had the money available I’d be diversifying my portfolio more with bonds, physical gold and the other commodities that are coming soon. I have Chinese, Japanese, World and S&P ETFs already so I’m trying to spread it round different markets.


Echoing what @Luccathedog said, I am continuing to DCA into a Global Fund, whilst also keeping a good amount of cash relative to my portfolio size, just in case there are any great opportunities that arise from Brexit.

I also have a couple of companies that I am long on, and will be holding for the long term. Albeit, their share prices have tanked a bit the last few months!

Regardless of Brexit, there has been a bull market for 10 odd years, so am hoping individual stocks prices come down at some point in the next couple years. When they do, I’ll be more confident in investing in single stocks.


What about Brexit, how did it affect your investments?

Waiting for November 1st and converting a lot of Euros to Pounds (hoping it drops alot) and buying FTSE100 stocks

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But you lose money if you convert to pound now and it drops after?! oO

I bought lots of tins of baked beans.

Joking aside. Nothing. It will blow over one way or the other.

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Hence why I’m waiting until November 1st???

dollar cost averaging is timing the market

I ordered a lot of lentils from Ocado, just in case.


Ye I think that could be on the hopes a deal. Either way if it doesn’t change no worries. If there’s a big dip for the pound it’s a gain.

Hard to call where they’re going to go. It seems to me €,£,$ were heading towards parity for a long time. Hard to call now

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Sorry, I thought you meant you were buying now. :+1:

How so? If you invest the same amount in the same stock over a long period (ie drip feed), I wouldn’t see that as “timing” the market, more slow and steady Eddie.

yes and no, it doesn’t show any advantage historically, if anything a lump sum works better. Psychologically it is easier though and if it keeps you invested then that is a good thing

I’m preparing by moving to Germany on 31st October. Hurry up with Freetrade for Germany!

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Dollar cost average keeps me from dropping off a cliff edge but I don’t know if it’s worth my time to sell and rebuy my stocks with the idea that the pound will drop November 1st? Although the opposite was seen today after a “deal” was announced so it might be better to just plod along, I’m 80% ETFs anyway!