How digital banks are ushering in the 'age of the consumer'

Luke Lang ( co-founder of Crowdcube ) discusses funding, mentioning Monzo, Nutmeg, and Freetrade. Highlighting the benefit of giving your customers a stake in the success of the business via crowdfunding:

By giving people skin in the game, it secures a base of customers, and champions. From a commercial perspective, this significantly enhances each customer’s lifetime value. As shareholders are asked about new products and improvements, and treated like a member of the “Monzo Community”, they are less likely to move providers, more likely to refer friends and family, and more likely to buy more products and services.

Just aside it would have been cool to see a brief explanation of what Freetrade does to go along the mentions of these companies in the article:

Clever startups like Brolly and Cuvva are reinventing insurance. SeedLegals and Farewill are demystifying the legal system. LendInvest and Habito are throwing open access to property.

The article is Crowdcube centric, carefully crafted to communicate their crowdfunding proposition. It is what it is.