How dividends are paid

I do not understand calculations on my dividends for VEMT

You’ve received a Dividend of £1.34 in your Stocks and Shares ISA for EM Govt. Bond
Payment date 01/09/2021
Shares held on ex date 10
Amount per share £0.1342637746
Tax withheld (0%) £0
Total dividend £1.34

While on Vanguard site I see $0.185559 per share
USD Emerging Markets Government Bond UCITS ETF (

What rate is applied for this dollar value? Can it be added to email?

$0.185559 / £0.1342637746 = 1.382048140332858

Or …


I understand that I can know this rate from this values. But I would like to check this calculations without knowing the result. For example, does this value calculated on Payment date or on Record date? Does it use any commission? What is the source of this rate?

The FX partner provides the spot price which FT pass onto you with 0.45% commission. This is on their pricing page.

Dividends take a few days to get to FT due to the way they hold the shares in a nominee account. A dividend investor might be better placed to clarify but the conversion is likely to happen as soon FT send you the dividend.


Afaik, dividends are paid without the FX fee.

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