How do I delete my account? 🤔


I’d like to delete my community account but I’m struggling to find the option and I was hoping someone could help.

I was one of a few long-standing community members who were suspended for so-called shilling at the tail end of last week.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer and, frankly, I could do without being made to feel bad for expressing an honestly held view. All I did was like a post and I don’t believe I did anything wrong.

I think it was a rotten way to treat a community member, investor and customer, so I no longer want anything to do with this echo chamber.


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Very sorry to hear about your cancer @christopher, it’s a horrible thing.

I think you’d need a moderator here to delete your account if you’ve made more than two posts

Though I hope you’ll stay.

Sorry to hear that, delete account or not, I wish you all the best.


Hi Chris,

Very, very sorry to hear.

As you probably know, our forum has been targeted by a CFD-focused competitor. Our team did not have time to assess each individual account that was involved in the thread, and I apologise your account got caught up in that.

There is an option under the top-right profile picture (admittedly, a bit buried) to delete your account. I’ve done this for you now. If you ever reconsider and want to come, you are always welcome and appreciated here. Just email me at

@Viktor at the risk of dragging this back up again, I was also suspended because of the mentioned thread even though I only made a single comment and have been a member here since February.

I don’t want to be removed as I very much appreciate some of the insights on this forum.

I understand that you don’t have the staff to police the forum, but the suspensions were definitely overzealous. Although, I will be more careful about what I say here I guess.


Sorry to hear your account got caught up! As we mentioned before, competitors’ accounts posting biased content (such as an arbitrary comparison table last time) posing as genuine users will get a blanket ban. See my comments here: A quick note on shilling

That said, we noted your comment and we do want to encourage open discussions. We just found that that invites bad actors to exploit our openness. We’re in the process of hiring a community strategist, and more time should help.

Are you saying the comparison table was inaccurate, or just arbitrary?

What was the thread? Deleted, I guess.