How do I know if my Freepass has been used?

I popped my free pass on Twitter. Is there any way to know if someone has used it?

It turns out I’d misheard something when I first replied to this, unfortunately the only way to find out whether a Freepass has been used at the moment is to try to use it. If you do this with an email address that already belongs to someone who has a Freetrade user account, that will still cause the link to expire :see_no_evil: so don’t.

Obviously this isn’t ideal so we’ll either build an interim solution that lets you check or once Freepasses can be access in the app, we’ll show you that your pass has been used there.

Apologies for the confusion!

I hope that makes sense!

Edit - this was my original reply:

Thanks :raised_hands: if you enter the email address that you use to login to your Freetrade account on the page then it’ll tell you if the link’s expired. If it hasn’t, doing that won’t make the link expire.


Amazing! Yay, someone used my freepass!


I just tried this with my pass, it said “you’re in”, and now it’s saying only 1 admission. Any idea what happened?

It shouldn’t have said “you’re in” if you were using the email address that you use to log into your Freetrade account :thinking:

Could you please send us a message about that so that we can check on that?

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