How do I vote as a shareholder on stocks I hold in my Freetrade account?

When I need to vote as a shareholder on stocks I have held in my Freetrade account how do I do it?

Crowdcube stocks presumably? Normally nominee shares cannot be voted on by individual holders. You also need to check which class of shares you have, for example, the last round was Class B non voting shares. Section 2 is applicable.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply… My bad, I don’t think I made myself clear enough :see_no_evil: I meant any of the holdings in my account such as Tesla etc not my investment in Freetrade via Crowdcube

I don’t believe you can with ft

Ah sorry my mistake, I didn’t read your post properly apologies. Same situation tho tbh, nominee account so near impossible for freetrade to identify all shareholders to respective companies.