How do you track your stocks and shares?

I think excel is the best because everyone has different preferences for graphs and tables they want to see. All of the brokers I’ve used have very different portfolio tracking features that might not be useful to you.

I have mentioned it before, but I use Sharesight to track all my portfolios. It is really good for dividends because all data is input automatically as companies report divs. You can then run reports (income report and future income could be good for you) and import that data to excel if you want graphs like the ones you mentioned. But the good thing is that you don’t need to manually update (just add buy and sell transactions) and just run reports when you need.
edit: this is a paid service, but it definitely worth it for me. I tried a few services and there is nothing free that does the same thing.


I currently have my portfolio on Google Sheets. Could migrate it to excel in the future, but either way dividends remain the real headache. I’ve done a fair bit of digging on ways to try and automate the process and seen some XML methods which I can get to work for US stocks but which is hit-miss to the point of useless on UK stocks… but even if I do figure that out there’s still the question of what on earth to do with dividend-paying ETFs :nerd_face:

I have it down to a tee if dividends are just totally excluded, which is fine if I’m looking to sell and switch on non-dividend stocks or low-yielding stocks that I feel have gone from undervalued to overvalued but isn’t really sustainable in the long term. Willing to manually track dividends as a last resort but am still searching around for a better option before I want to commit to doing it; the idea is I do the hard work up front and then can review at my leisure.

@freetrade any chance dividend payments could be added to the activity feed of each share in a portfolio? At the moment, you can see buys and sells, but it would be helpful if dividends appeared in there too to help keep track of dividend reinvestment, and to give a more accurate idea of how well that stock is performing.

Hope that makes sense. (Appreciate that the dividends appear in the general activity tab, but I’m talking about the recent activity section of each individual stock).



Hi everyone!

I have tried to search but didn’t come up with anything.
Is there any word on if Freetrade will add some form of dividend tracker within the app?

It would be nice to be able to track income easily!
Also I’m very new to posting on here so please forgive any mistakes.



Hi @Jords welcome to the forum, thanks for posting. This is probably a feature than FT will add as it fits nicely with the stated aim of FT, to build with long term investing in mind.

Those of us who’ve been here a while have seen all kinds of features and listings shipped. They’ve slowed up recently as the team a building out the European stock / EU launch.

Here are a few resources that might be worth reading if you haven’t already.

I used for a while. I didn’t sign up for the monthly fee, because I haven’t invested enough to warrant the 120 odd quid per annum. This aside, the service is remarkable.

I dearly let us sort stocks by dividend yield in app.


I use an app called stock events (the free version) although I may upgrade as its been so good. Has details about dividends, tells you what you have received month by month and what you can expect next year. I’ve been looking for such an app for a while and it ticks all of the boxes. Lots of charts to play around with and I keep finding additional options.


I have the same app. It is very good! Im convinced that it shouldnt be too hard to reciprocate here as well.

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Thanks, I just downloaded this :slight_smile: been looking for something which does this.

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Looks good.

I’m sticking to dividendmax because it has not got an app. It works perfectly well on a standard website.

Do you know how many watchlist spots you get for a free account? I’ve downloaded Stock Events as I wish to try it and it says the pro version gives you unlimited watchlist spots but it’s frustrating that neither instructions within the app nor internet searches give you any indication of what a free account gives you.

Stock Events is a nice discovery, but it falls at the first hurdle for me because it doesn’t have some of the stocks I hold in their database.

Worth contacting them they have always been quick to respond answer any queries I had.

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Hi all,

I think you get 10 free stocks to list and then each referal gains you another 5 stocks to watch.

I have sent it to my wifes phone and also my work one. Easy way to increase numbers without paying.

Good to add your actual stocks with allocated too as this will give a raft of additional information.

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This alone stops me from signing up as it just looks amateurish…


I use Google Finance to track my portfolio.

  • You can turn a watchlist into a portfolio
  • You can track your total progress across multiple apps/accounts in a unified view
  • You can compare your results with any other (benchmark (by searching the index/ticker)
  • You get a view with upcoming earnings per company
  • It’s free (your are the product)
  • You can add individual purchases to track your performance over time.
  • You can add crypto if you hold any
  • News articles related to the companies you hold

What you don’t get:

  • Dividends, for now
  • You need to manually type all your purchases with date and price to get an accurate view of your performance

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I am using
They provide really great portfolio analyzer tool as well

£100 a year is a bit steep, think i will stick with my diy spreadsheet