How does Freetrade make money?

Subscriptions (ISA, upcoming Alpha), F X fees, Treasury income

Don’t forget to take off the tin foil hat when you get in the shower.

Simply not true

What would you think about Freetrade doing share lending ?
It could be a way to get income without any cost to the user, and I’m sure you could find a third party willing to assume the risk, as some competitors have
We could even imagine having an opt-in (or opt-out) and FT sharing say 20/30% of the revenue for free users and maybe 50/60% for plus subscribers
At first sight it might seem like it’s not a good fit for FT’s brand but imo if presented in the right way it would make perfect sense (recurring revenue over the long term, no risk, we do the work for you)
And it sounds like it’s a pretty common thing done by asset managers, central banks, sovereign wealth funds and insurance companies…