How is portfolio performance calculated?


I was wondering if someone could clear up a couple of things for me regarding the way in which portfolio performance is calculated.

  1. In the overall portfolio interface, displaying your total portfolio balance and “gains” with a line graph, are dividends included in the “gains” or are they considered contributions to the account? I assume they are considered gains, however I’m unable to verify it due to my account value fluctuating.

  2. When comparing your portfolio against VWRL in the Freetrade app “Insights” interface, are dividends included in performance?

  3. Is cash held within the Freetrade app considered part of my portfolio in the comparison against VWRL? I feel I should really be taking advantage of the interest available to Freetrade Plus members, however I enjoy the benchmark so it’d be a shame if retaining cash would make this feature redundant.

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who is able to give some insight on the above!

Hi, the initial graph includes everything, dividends but also cash, deposits and withdrawals, making it not particularly useful.

Cash shouldn’t be included in your TWRR so that’s a pretty good measure. Dividends will be included as they’re not an external flow, I’m going off this Wikipedia article

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