How SoftBank ate the world - Wired UK

Thought this was a very interesting read:


Softbank just invested $440 million in challenger OakNorth which provides funding for businesses. I’m a fan of OakNorth but seeing them put that much money into a relatively obscure company & as part of a round that only included one other investor blew my mind slightly.

Meanwhile here’s the FT’s Lex team’s comments on SoftBank’s latest share buyback -

Record buyback may be an attempt to appease investors for increased risks


Any idea if its possible to add Softbank in the near future?


We don’t have a timescale for this right now I’m afraid, keep an eye on the blog & this post for updates.

It’s worth mentioning that we’ve added Baillie Gifford Japan Trust (BGFD) to the app now -

Another does-what-it-says-on-the-tin trust. This trust, managed by the same firm behind Scottish Mortgage Trust, invest in a variety of enterprises in Japan, currently including Softbank, Rakuten and Sony.

quote from this blog post


Not perfect, but a 5% holding and they’re leveraged 11-17% which is good! Thanks Alex :slight_smile:

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