How to check the waitlist without the app and what do multiple invite requests do to your waitlist position?

If I don’t have the app (because my phone, HTC One m7 doesn’t have a compatible version), how do I check my progress on the waitlist? I tried requesting an invite multiple times to check where I was but that gives me a waitlist position lower and lower down, which leads onto my other question - with multiple invite requests from the same email, does the first request get cancelled? The fact I got a different lower down waitlist position with each request implies either duplicate requests aren’t being checked for, or they are and earlier requests are being deleted in favour of newer ones.

Have you referred anyone? How are you planning to use the app when it’s released if your phone doesn’t support it?

There’s a link that looks like Well played my friend, well played… which should show your position in the queue.

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That doesn’t sound right, could you please send us a message via the live chat on the website so that we can look into that?

I’ve referred a few people, I ideally hope for a web version or support for Web versions, which have been recognised as potential, though not immediate, options here by the designers

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