How to contact FT

Can someone tell me what FT means by they can only communicate with me through my Freetrade email account? How do I do that ? The Contact Us is the only way I see of communicating and that is all automated ?

The current list of contact points can be found here:

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I have emailed They have an automatic response system that says I can only email from my Freetrade email account. What does that mean?

I can only guess that they mean you need to email them using the same email address that you used when you signed up to the Freetrade app. If you go into your app and click the person-icon in the top right hand corner, it will show you your details including the email address that you used when you signed up.

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Thanks. I ve done that and I don t get any replies.
It s so frustrating not to have someone to talk to when your money is missing.

I sympathise with you and all the other users having issues.
The platform is generally really good having used it for close to 2 years. The team usually are much quicker with responses. The number of users that joined during the meme stock bonanza has really thrown customer support off and there are really long delays as they try scale up operations in reaction.

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Do you think they should be doing what Trading 212 have done and close to new customers for a while until they can deal with current ones…Quality over quantity…Just throwing it out there.

212 closed because they’re entire platform broke

deposit or withdrawal?

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The vast majority have been okay, over 150k onboarded! No comfort for those waiting though, think they need all hands on the support desks 24/7 to clear it.

it broke due to new customer over run…That’s why they closed doors…Accepting new customers when the system is broken like Freetrades currently is seems like madness but ho hum.

Now that’s a good idea but i don’t see that happening.

It sounds like they want to know which email they can ignore next. :rofl:

I really doubt they’re ignoring anyone’s queries
They have a queue and are using prioritisation to manage.