How to top up your freetrade account

Please post you tips on how to top up the freetrade account. I am just a novice having recently joined the freetrade community but still having great difficulty in operating this account . the top ups and investing in the market. I have previously used HL . HALIFAX . and AJ BELL platforms but this platform seems to be a bit odd and proving to be quite difficult to operate.

It’s really easy. Just go to the Account tab in your app and link a bank account. Go on Top Up. This gives you all the fields that you have to include in a bank transfer. That’s it.

  1. Transfer money from your bank account. Make sure you put the reference in.
  2. Money arrives in your FT account. Invest.
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Apple pay and Google pay are also near instant :ok_hand: :fire:


Hey, this video walks you through it.

As the others have mentioned, there are Apple Pay and Google Pay options to top up instantly, and you can also make a bank transfer.

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